About Foundation For Families

The Foundation for Families is a not for profit Community Interest Company and was established in July 2010.

The Foundation for Families brings together people and organisations with significant expertise and demonstrable success in working with families who have complex or unmet needs.

The aims of the organisation are to:-

  • achieve significantly improved outcomes for individuals, families and communities
  • achieve efficiencies and savings for public services
  • share, spread and scale up the evaluated, proven success of our partners in achieving significantly improved outcomes for people, families, communities and public services

Families in Need

In every village, town and city in the UK, there are families who may be well known to a number of services.

These families have complex health and social needs and may cause multiple issues for their communities.

Each member of such a family may have individual needs which are compounded by the context of their family environment, for example, domestic violence, drug and alcohol use, offending, mental ill health, worklessness and educational underachievement.

The experiences of some of the children who are born into these families can include neglect and abuse, spells in local authority care, youth justice interventions, and ultimately, prison or even early death.

Other families may have high levels of need but may not be known to agencies and may be struggling to cope.

We learn from and share the approaches we have developed with people and families facing severe or multiple disadvantages. This relatively small number of families tends to be less likely to access statutory services and when they do, they are less likely to benefit from them. Contact with services happens at crisis points in their lives, like children being taken into care or a prison sentence.

Using what we know works from our experience of working with people who are involved in the criminal justice system, people living with domestic violence, people with mental health problems and learning disabilities, people who are labeled in terms of risk, need or nuisance, we are working to develop radical solutions to end these trans-generational cycles of disadvantage making a real and lasting difference at the individual, family and community level.

Our work includes exploring the potential of personalisation, family service funds and co-production to unlock the resources currently tied up in services and ensure that they are used effectively to meet the family’s needs.

Our Values

Our work is underpinned by the values of equality and justice and based upon the fundamental principle that with the right support and access to the right resources, people and communities understand the difficulties they face and are best placed to find solutions to them.