Working in partnership with

WomenCentre, Calderdale and Kirklees

WomenCentre, established in 1985, is a charity based in West Yorkshire which provides a wide range of services and opportunities for women and their families. WomenCentre are national delivery partners of the Ministry of Justice and have achieved outstanding success in reducing in the reoffending rates of women offenders to less than 4%. WomenCentre were also a national Adults Facing Chronic Social Exclusion pilot and outcomes included improved safeguarding of women and children and significant savings to public services. WomenCentre’s work with women and families at risk has been evaluated many times and Baroness Jean Corston recently stated: “WomenCentre is an exemplar of best practice, nationally and locally, for its work with women and families with multiple complex needs. It fully deserves its excellent reputation for providing an effective model and approach for both women who are at risk and those already involved in the CJS. I have seen at first hand its capacity to access, engage and work successfully with isolated and socially disadvantaged women at an early stage, which mainstream local and statutory agencies, have previously been unable to reach. It demonstrates quite extraordinary value for money”.


The Centre for Welfare Reform

The Centre for Welfare Reform works to redesign the welfare state in order to increase social justice, promote citizenship, strengthen families and enrich our communities. The Centre was established by Dr. Simon Duffy, the ‘inventor’ of personal budgets, in October 2009 and is based in the North of England. It is made up of over 50 international fellows and it works in partnership with a wide range of different organisations. It is utterly independent of party politics and it works as a social enterprise by:

  • Identifying or creating innovations to social problems
  • Publishing and sharing innovations for others to use
  • Influencing government and society to support necessary reforms
  • Building an active leadership community committed to reform


IBK Initiatives

IBK Initiatives is a development agency promoting citizenship leading on the practical development of innovative ways of helping families with young children. IBK continues to develop groundbreaking work supporting young disabled adults to lead meaningful lives when they leave school and further education.

IBK works with organisations, groups and individuals with a commitment to making inclusion a reality. Their work includes consultancy, facilitation, research, training, family support, advocacy and consultations. Their creative approach leads to innovative solutions.

IBK provides research, training, consultancy, supervision and mentoring for families, young people and organisations. IBK have established courses and will design and develop new courses to meet the needs of their customers.


SMART Independent Social Work Practice

SMART Social Work Practice is a newly established community interest company and provides high quality, independent social work services; delivering:

  • Exceptionally high quality, person centred services, embracing the personalisation agenda and enabling indivdiuals to design their own services.
  • Greater work satisfaction for employees working within an independent social work practice.
  • Better outcomes for carers and people using services leading to increased satisfaction for all stakeholders.
  • Greater community involvement on the part of service users, both individually and through partnership with user led organisations
  • Greater community cohesion through more joined up, seamless and cohesive services creating greater efficiency in systems and procedures.
  • Increased integration of whole system relationships between health and social services through linking with GP practices/ commissioning consortia

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