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Foundation For Families have added the following links to resources providing more information and relevant publications about both what we do, and what our partner organisations do.

Peer Power

This report by Simon Duffy explores the inspirational work of the Personalisation Forum Group. It suggests we have only just begun to see the powerful impact of peer support on existing welfare systems and that statutory bodies will need to radically revise their current commissioning practices if they are going to make the most of what peer support offers.

Integrating Mental Health Funding

In 2010 mental health leaders in Yorkshire & Humber backed a statement describing the desired future for mental health services called Personalisation in Mental Health.

120,000 Reasons to Listen to Women

It is common sense that families dealing with complex, longstanding issues will need intensive, long term, highly personalised support if they are to stand a chance of turning their lives around. Families and their individual members tell us, if we listen, that they need a trusted relationship with as small a number of helping individuals and agencies as possible. This was the subject of our recent publication Women at the Centre.

Women at the Centre

Simon Duffy and Clare Hyde explore the astonishingly positive work of WomenCentre in tackling crime, domestic violence, mental illness and well-being for women and their families. The book describes the innovative approach taken by WomenCentre and sets out the results of research into its impact for women with the most complex needs.

Local Justice - family focused reinvestment

Clare Hyde MBE of the WomenCentre and founder of The Foundation for Families on Local Justice: family-focused reinvestment.

Clare Hyde on Social Justice

In this policy paper, published jointly with the University of Birmingham, Clare Hyde argues that the current criminal justice system is failing communities by drawing resources into damaging and inefficient systems rather than enabling communities, families and individuals to become safer and stronger.